1Win Bangladesh: Terms of Use

We ask all new clients of 1Win to carefully read our Terms and Conditions. Our bonus policy, service offers, available user actions, money transactions, and other permitted and prohibited actions and activities on our website are all determined by them. 

You agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions as well as our privacy and data protection policies, the rules of every game you can play on the website, the policies and guidelines for promotions and bonuses, and any additional restrictions that may be relevant when you create an account, use our services, or access any area of the portal. 

It is strongly recommended that you carefully read 1Win’s terms and conditions. It does not release you from responsibility to be ignorant of them. If you disagree with any portion of the Terms or with the Terms in their entirety, kindly do not use the services on our website and leave. If you continue to play games, place bets in our sportsbook, take incentives, and engage in other activities related to the portal’s services, it will be assumed that you have accepted the Terms.

Registering with 1Win Bangladesh

Players who want to register for an account at 1Win will also need to provide us with personal information, such as their name, date of birth, and phone number, in addition to generating a username and password and linking an email address. We provide desktop and mobile versions of our website for registration. In the latter case, you will need to use your iOS or Android device. Launch the browser, go to our website, and start the account creation procedure. 

Our Terms and Conditions specify the following requirements for registration: 

  • You really do go by the provided name, so it must be true. To verify your information, we may ask to see copies of your paperwork at any time (passport or ID card, for example). Your account may be blocked if you adhere to the procedures;
  • A single player may only create one account on 1Win. Only one person, one household, one address, one computer, and one IP address may be associated with this account. We’ll get rid of any redundant accounts;
  • Since the age of majority in most jurisdictions is 18, it is not permissible for anyone under the age of 18 to register on our website. You would surely be found out when we go through the verification process if you tried to create an account using fraudulent information. We’ll take measures to prevent you from utilizing our platform in the future to wager on sports or play games.

Verification and AML Policy 

Each and every Bangladeshi participant who has selected to use our services must agree to and confirm the following information: 

  • You are at least eighteen years old, the minimum age required by your jurisdiction to engage in gaming activities;
  • The funds in your account are personal to you;
  • All of the information you provide to us during the registration process and while using the website going forward is true and corresponds to the data kept by the owner of the payment accounts from which you make deposits and withdrawals;
  • You are fully aware that there is a chance that you could lose money when you gamble, and you are accountable for any such events. You understand that using our services is completely up to you. If you lose, you won’t make any claims against us;
  • You completely understand the terms under which online gaming services are provided, so you have no issues with them;
  • By using our services, you agree that we may need to verify the personal information you enter. If we find that the information you provide is false, misleading, or incomplete, we reserve the right to immediately cancel your account and/or prohibit you from using our services.

Accounts’ Security 

After signing up on our website, players from Bangladesh alone are responsible for guaranteeing the security of the data required to access their accounts. You pledge not to disclose your login credentials to any parties, either accidentally or on purpose. To recover a lost password, click the “Remind Password” button next to the login option.

The Rights and Duties of the Parties 

As part of our customer engagement, we inform you of your rights and the company’s responsibilities regarding the processing and use of personal data. 

Rights of clients: 

Object to having personal information corrected or erased;

  • Make a request to have personal information corrected or removed; 
  • Request and receive the data that the Company has collected about you. It is acceptable for you to provide these data to another controller;
  • Find out why we are processing your personal information;
  • Send an objection if you believe we may have violated any applicable data protection laws. 

The duties of clients: 

  • You must provide us with complete and accurate personal information;
  • Report any changes made to your personal information immediately;
  • If you think that third parties have obtained illegal access to your personal information, please notify us immediately; 
  • Please let us know if you object to the processing of your personal data;
  • You bear full responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness, and veracity with which you submit us your personal information. 

Rights of 1Win Bangladesh:

  • We reserve the right to immediately end our business relationship with a client who refuses to give us permission to process their personal data as specified in this policy. 
  • Additionally, we have the right to change this policy without previously getting our clients’ approval. 

1Win Bangladesh’s duties:

  • To inform you of the third parties who have legitimately obtained your personal data in order to provide services to you via our website;
  • When submitting a relevant request, provide each player’s personal data in a widely-used, machine-readable format that is structured;
  • If there is a significant risk to the user’s rights and freedoms due to the breach, swiftly tell the user that their personal data has been compromised. Inform the supervisory authorities of the breach as soon as possible, within 72 hours.

Fraud and Unlawful Activities 

Both gamers from Bangladesh and those from other jurisdictions should use the 1Win Bangladesh website responsibly. It is completely forbidden to use any software or applications that could damage our portal or exploit its flaws in order to win games or place bets. By downloading fake software, you run the risk of damaging your account and facing legal repercussions. 

The following actions are prohibited on our website: 

  • sharing information with third parties; 
  • using unfair advantages (bugs, errors, gaps, bots, etc.); 
  • using stolen credit or debit cards to make deposits; 
  • laundering money obtained through illegal means; 
  • working together with other users; 
  • and abusing bonuses. 

If it is demonstrated that a customer is cheating, 1win is still able to lawfully influence them. If you believe that any user is misleading you, utilizing dishonest tactics, or collaborating with other players to get an unfair advantage, please contact our support staff. 

If it turns out that a player has committed fraud, we reserve the right to block their account and remove their funds. We will also report the illicit and dubious player activity to the relevant authorities. After reading these Terms, you agree to abide by them by using our site’s services.

Via a video conference, 1Win Bangladesh can verify your account and examine previous sessions. We may gather data about your activities on our website, such as the bets you place, the bonuses you take advantage of, etc.

During a video conversation, none of the following will be permitted: 

  • Use any equipment that isn’t necessary for video communication; 
  • Make a call while others are watching or participating; 
  • Use any third-party information. 

We welcome fair users of our website who are Bangladeshi gamblers. We also guarantee that your gaming experience will be enjoyable.

Restrictions on the 1Win Bangladesh Website

All Bangladeshi players who utilize 1Win services should be aware that not all of their actions are allowed on our platform. It will be helpful for you to know which actions we find inappropriate or prohibited.

You are not allowed to use any abusive or disparaging language or imagery. It is prohibited for you to intimidate, threaten, or denigrate website employees or other users. Additionally, you are prohibited from doing anything that could hinder the platform’s functionality, such as packing the website with too much content. These actions include uploading viruses and worms, using logic bombs, and more. 

Spam is prohibited in all forms here. You agree that the website may only be used for your own personal entertainment and that you may not change or remove any of the uploaded content. It is not advisable for you to attempt gaining unapproved entry to the 1Win website or the servers hosting it. 

Without our permission, you are not allowed to copy the entire website or any of its services. In the event that you initiate a denial-of-service attack or any other type of comparable attack on our platform, we reserve the right to provide your name to law enforcement authorities. 

Users are not allowed to exchange or sell accounts with one another. Furthermore, it is not allowed to deliberately lose games in order to help another 1Win customer. If you try to use the Sportsbook’s shortcomings to place unethical bets on sports, you run the risk of having your access to the site blocked. Additionally, your account will be blocked—either indefinitely or momentarily.

1win Bangladesh Deposits

To use our services, which include playing table games, placing sports bets, and spinning slots, you must first make a deposit. Only reliable payment companies that offer safe and secure transactions work with 1Win. You can choose the appropriate method from the list in the banking area of the account after logging in. For every option, a minimum deposit of BDT is needed. You will be able to access this information after you choose the crediting option.

In order to continue being a 1Win customer, you must meet the requirements listed below: 

  • The funds in your account should have been obtained legally; 
  • They are all wholly yours, not borrowed from anybody else;
  • By making a deposit, you promise not to try to return or cancel the payout.

In the event of an allegedly fraudulent or suspicious payment, we reserve the right to suspend your account, reverse any payouts, and seize player winnings. We may also give information about fraud to law enforcement and credit agencies. We accept no responsibility for credit cards that are lost, stolen, or misused.

1win Bangladesh Withdrawals

  • You must provide all necessary information in your profile, including at least one phone number that has been validated. We can check the validity of the number on a regular basis;
  • The procedure to withdraw money is the same as to deposit BDT; before requesting a withdrawal, a player must ensure they have used up all of their free bets and spins. If not, the player can only receive a cashout if they cancel or win back all of the incentives. 
  • Each customer can receive up to two fee-free payments every day. 

Breach of the Agreement with 1Win

In the event that the Terms are broken, the 1Win customer is directly responsible. In addition to any further fees brought on by the infraction, you will be liable for any costs, liabilities, and claims.

On our end, we are free to take the following actions, but we are not obligated to: 

  • Use your contact information to notify you that you are in breach of our terms and conditions and that you must stop;
  • Block your account to stop you from betting on sports with any odds and from playing games;
  • Close your account, either after consulting us or not;
  • Remove from your account the entire amount of any awards, incentives, or payments you have received as a result of any significant infraction;
  • Switch off both your username and password.

Personal Data of 1win Customers

We take seriously the obligation we have to protect user privacy. We collect and maintain this data solely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

By providing us with your information, you enable us to use it as specified in the Terms and as mandated by applicable laws and regulations. We will use copies of all correspondence you send us in order to keep an accurate record of the information you provide. Other than our workers who need it to provide top-notch services, we don’t disclose your personal information to outside parties.


If you have any concerns with the way the website is functioning, you should first get in touch with our support staff. You can contact us about this via the channels indicated below: 

You understand that the information on our server will play a significant role in determining the outcome of the claim. 

During the match, a mistake or technical issue on your end could lead to a loss. Our service’s documents confirm that we have no control over the game’s outcome, which is determined by a random number generator (RNG).


Cookies are text files that allow us to collect standard Internet log information and legally collect information about user behavior on the 1Win website. Data about you is gathered each time you visit our website. This helps to improve the functionality of the platform and guarantees an excellent gaming experience. If you delete or disable cookies, you might not be able to use all of the services offered by the website.