1Win Bangladesh Privacy Policy

We respect your right to secrecy and safeguard the personal information of all of our users in accordance with the guidelines of this 1Win Privacy Policy. The law requires us to keep user-submitted data for as long as it is present in our database after entry. Our organization complies with national laws and legal actions when storing, processing, and using personal information. 

Furthermore, our policy addresses matters like current details about our company and our contact details, data protection information, the platform’s users’ legal rights, transparency, and public awareness regarding our use of personal data.

We handle every player with consideration and decency because our usage of personal data is openly disclosed, so you won’t have any trouble learning about this matter. 

About 1Win Bangladesh and Our Objectives 

1Win processes and keeps track of player data when users register for an account, get in touch with customer support, and carry out any other actions. You should become familiar with our Privacy Policy guidelines so that you are informed of how we utilize your personal information, as they are all available to the public.

A player who is younger than 18 will not be able to use 1Win services since we are not permitted to offer services to individuals who are not of legal age in accordance with both Bangladeshi national and policy regulations.

User Data That We Collect

We are legally permitted to collect, preserve, handle, and use player personal data. Additionally, a client ‘s personal information may be lawfully disclosed to the parent firm with your permission.

This data includes:

  • Details about registration. Complete name, birthdate, place of residence, gender, and other details.
  • Contacts. Specifically, mailing address, email, and mobile number.
  • Confirmation. To put it another way, this is KYC data, or anti-fraud and money laundering data, which contains personal data like citizenship, age, financial status, passport photographs, and so forth.
  • Responsible Gaming Data. This includes verification, accepted and refused financial transactions, name, last name, zip code, and other personal information.
  • Financial information. These are the details of your payment card and bank account.
  • Transactional information. Any payment-related activities, such as bonuses, transaction durations, deposits and withdrawals, and more.
  • Login information. Time, date, location and time zone, IP address, and length of stay on the Site.
  • Self-exclusion. Here are the contact details and registration details, together with the limitations, reality check, and the rationale and timing of self-exclusion.
  • The profile of the player. These include customized profile remarks reflecting the user’s preferences and interests.
  • Communications for Marketing. Information about messages that contain marketing data.
  • Data on communication. Here is where players can communicate with our platform via texts, chats, and other channels.
  • Analytics. This information allows us to make conclusions about the players, including how frequently they visit the page, where they are located, what language they speak, and other details.

We only gather information that is required for 1Win and our players’ comfort and safety. We don’t request specific information about your race, ethnicity, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. Additionally, we reserve the right to block your account for your protection if you somehow indicate a physical or mental health issue.

How Information Is Collected

The Privacy Policy states that various methods are used to gather users’ personal data, including:

  • Unequivocal collaboration. In this instance, during the registration process, through any method of communication, and during any engagement with us, you may give us your contact, personal, and financial information.
  • Public access sources. We may use all of the information about you that is available from other sources, including public databases and other parties.
  • Either from the device you use or from your browser. We might also be able to view your device, IP address, and browser.
  • App. We can view information about the files and data utilized in our app when you download it.

Remember that in the event that the player does not supply the requested information, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

Using Client Data 

In compliance with the legislation and this 1Win Privacy Policy, we may use the personal data of Bangladeshi players for the following purposes:

  • To offer services, such as casino gaming, betting, and money processing capabilities; 
  • To safeguard against fraud and money laundering through account login, registration, and verification; 
  • To run promotions; 
  • To determine user preferences and improve service; 
  • To run marketing communications; 
  • To detect misconduct; 
  • To help, look into, and settle disputes pertaining to our services;
  • To detect potential hazards and stop any illicit activities, including money laundering;
  • For legal purposes, specifically to fulfill license requirements or in response to a request from an authorized body.

By using the aforementioned measures, we can safeguard the platform’s users’ funds and prevent any illicit activities while also offering the required support. You can always unsubscribe from receiving advertisement alerts in your personal profile settings or by getting in touch with the support staff.

Promotional Content 

The company may use the email address, phone number, or other sources you supply to send promotional communications in order to keep our customers updated on the latest developments, specifically about what services, bonuses, and promotions we can offer. However, these materials will be sent only with your permission.

If you would prefer not to get these kinds of alerts, you may unsubscribe when you create your account or later on by utilizing methods like: 

  • Accessing the player’s account settings; 
  • Reaching out to us through chat or email.

You have the option to disable advertising on your device by using the 1Win mobile app. To ensure that you don’t pass up fantastic bargains, we urge you to respond to our promotional mailings.

Giving Up Data to Third Parties 

Aside from what is specified in this Privacy Policy, we never reveal, sell, or share personal information with outside parties. 

However, data may be distributed between 1Win and some other recipients. As per an intra-group agreement, we are free to give personal information to certain recipients, which include:

  • Relevant authorities. Legislative, tax, and government authorities are included in this group and have the authority to ask for your information in relation to infractions and to look into criminal activity.
  • Suppliers of services. This group consists of companies that make games, software, security systems, marketing services, etc.
  • Consulting experts. These are the bankers, attorneys, and auditors.

It’s also crucial to remember that your data will be given to the new owners if 1Win is acquired or merges with another business. Otherwise, we don’t grant third parties any legal permission to utilize our customers’ personally identifiable information for their own objectives.

Information Security 

Staff members, organizations, and other parties who have direct access to 1Win users’ personal data sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that data processing complies with strict standards. Furthermore, we have established protocols to assist in identifying misconduct on the platform. Upon detection, a notification will be dispatched to both you and the appropriate authorities, and appropriate action will be taken to rectify the issue.

Data Retention 

The personal information of each player is retained by our organization for the protection of our clients and to give us authority over regulatory obligations. The quantity and nature of the data submitted to us, the purpose for using our platform, the commission of harm or unlawful activity, and other factors all affect how long the retention period will be. We have outlined all data retention periods in our Privacy Policy.

Under our privacy policy and national laws, each user has the following legal rights on the platform: 

  • access to player data; 
  • right to request deletion of account and user data; 
  • right to correct the previously provided data; 
  • right to request that data not be processed for marketing or promotional purposes; 
  • right to request that data be released to the user or other authorities; 
  • and the right to deny the processing of data.

We may require extra information, which we are legally entitled to obtain, in order to comply with any of these points without difficulty.

You have the right to make a complaint if there are any personal data-related issues, but we’ll try our hardest to prevent this from happening in the first place, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible using any method that is convenient for you.


The 1Win platform makes use of cookies to identify the user’s device and save significant data about previous actions for later access. We make use of local Flash cookies, which work with any browser and help to keep the website running smoothly. They are also there to display ads based on your interests. When you visit a website, third parties or the site itself may automatically place cookies.

The types of cookie storage that exist are as follows:

  • A session file that enables tracking of activities while your browser is open;
  • When you visit the website, a persistent file gets activated and stays on the device for a predetermined amount of time.

Therefore, by allowing you to view advertisements, access platform content, and utilize social networking features, we employ cookies to enhance the user experience and service quality.

In order for us to store files on the user’s device, you will be asked to either accept or control cookies when you visit 1Win. Refusing to accept will prevent you from fully utilizing all of the platform’s capacities.